A dentist looking at a digital x-ray image of a patient's teeth

Digital X-Rays

Safe, accurate, and fast – digital x-rays improve your dental health
from check-up to oral surgery

Digital X-rays are an important part of your dental examination. Dentists use these to assess your dental health, and to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions.

Digital x-rays are used to diagnose tooth decay (cavities), loss or change in your bone density, periodontal disease, and abscesses or infections. Advancements in x-ray technology help us to improve your experience at the dentist.

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The advantages of digital x-rays at the dentist’s office

When we take an x-ray of your teeth during your dental check-up or assessment, we now use the latest in digital x-ray technology. Sensors are used instead of photographic film, and those sensors connect directly to our computer system through a USB connection.

There are many advantages for our patients with this technology

Digital x-rays involve less radiation and provide better quality images for your dentist.  Digital x-rays use less radiation than traditional film x-rays – 40 times less radiation than a person would be exposed to in a typical day.  Even so, we continue to use a lead apron and thyroid collar to protect other areas of your body from exposure.

Faster and more accurate assessments of your oral health

Your dental x-rays are now instantly ready to view, no waiting to process the film, and no harsh chemicals to damage the environment. The images are also higher quality than film x-rays, and we have the ability to enhance the images by zooming in, changing the contrast, or brightening the images to help us better see what’s going on with your teeth.  If you need your x-rays elsewhere for any reason, they are easily emailed or transferred.

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