Children’s Orthodontics


We’ll help you find the right orthodontics solution for your child’s needs

When should a child get braces? Many orthodontic problems are easier to correct if detected early rather than treating when jaw growth has slowed.  It is important that a child have regular visits with a dentist beginning at age 2 1/2 - 3 and keep regular contact with the family dentist to coordinate appropriate care and treatment.

Tooth alignment issues often begin during childhood. At 404 Dental Office, our children's orthodontics program is designed to help address such problems and help our younger patients in Newmarket enjoy their smiles to the fullest.

Early Intervention for effective orthodontic treatment for children

We recognize that early intervention can often help kids avoid future orthodontic complications. Our children's orthodontics program aims to identify alignment issues at the earliest possible state and incorporate preventative measures to minimize the overall scope of treatment.

Gentle orthodontic care for your child

We go out of our way to cater to kids!  We understand that orthodontic treatment can be unappealing, if not frightening, to younger patients, so we do everything we can to put your child at ease. Our children's orthodontics program is about more than just proper tooth alignment; it's about making your child feel comfortable with his or her treatment every step of the way.

Children’s Invisalign®

Traditional braces can be noticeable, uncomfortable, and embarrassing to wear. But thanks to a widely recognized brand of teeth straightening systems, your son or daughter can achieve the stunning smile he or she wants without the embarrassment, dietary restrictions, or discomforts associated with metal braces.

At 404 Dental Office, we proudly offer children's Invisalign® for our young patients in Newmarket.  The Invisalign® system utilizes a serious of custom-made, clear plastic trays called aligners that are designed to gently shift the teeth into perfect alignment for a gorgeous and healthy smile. With the children's Invisalign® system, these aligners are removable for easy cleaning; and there are no stringent dietary guidelines to follow.

Forget about metal braces. Children's Invisalign® is the modern way to straighten your child’s teeth. Contact our office in Newmarket to make your appointment and find out whether Invisalign® is the right solution for your child.

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