Types of Braces

During the last decade, orthodontics has undergone a technological revolution - new materials and techniques have been developed that can make braces less noticeable, more comfortable, and in some cases, are able to reduce treatment time and help control costs.

  1. Brackets and Wires
    Brackets are bonded with an adhesive to the front of the teeth.  These brackets are either silver in color, or clear “sapphire” brackets can be used.  Then a stainless steel wire connects the brackets - different sizes provide the pressure to move the teeth.  Elastics come in many different colors and hold the wire in place.
  2. Invisalign®
    Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners that are custom moulded for you.  They are virtually invisible aligners that straighten and reposition your teeth.  There are no metal wires or bands and the clear aligners are removable.  Most people will never know you are using Invisalign - unless of course, you tell them!

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