Newmarket Dentist Dr. Stuart Stranks

The 404 Dental Office has been located in Newmarket Ontario at the Gorham Street location for over 20 years.

Dr. Stu started practicing dentistry after graduating from the University of Toronto in 1977. Since starting the dental practice in Newmarket in 1987, Stuart has seen many changes take place in the town. Dr. Stu first came to Newmarket in the mid 1960’s with his father who was the head of Radiology at the Newmarket Hospital. Newmarket was, at that time, a small sleepy town surrounded by farms.

Since that time Dr. Stu has watched Newmarket grow into a major centre, servicing the many small towns in the surrounding area.  The hospital has expanded to become the Southlake Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre. 

"I opened my practice in Newmarket on Davis Drive, just east of the hospital in the Huron Heights plaza in 1987. We outgrew that space and moved to the 404 Town Centre in 1989. We needed more space again; in 1993 we relocated to our present location at Gorham and Leslie Street."

The practice has grown along with the population of Newmarket largely thanks to the opening of the 404 highway. The growth in Newmarket does not seem to be slowing down as the 404 is being extended past Green Lane to the north. Thousands of new homes are being built on the eastern side of Newmarket.

"My office has expanded to meet the dental needs of the growing community by adding specialists such as children’s dentists, an orthodontist, an oral surgeon and a dental anaesthesist."  Because of the trust Dr. Stu and has team has built up in his patients, the office continues to grow. Over this last year the office facility has been updated, including adding digital technology. A new logo and corporate rebrand coupled with a new website launch to facilitate a better educational and booking experience for new and existing patients.

Since the 404 Dental Office has been open, Dr. Stu has seen thousands of patients of all ages. As an integral part of the community, he has sponsored many sports teams in Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford and Gwilliumbury Township. Contact the 404 Dental Office about our free child's custom sports guard program.

The 404 Dental Office offers a complete list of specialties and services for patients, including Dentistry While Asleep, Orthodontics, Dentistry for Children, Oral Surgery, Cosmetic Dentistry and General Dentistry.

The 404 Dental Office services clients throughout the Newmarket and all of York Region, as well as the Greater Toronto Area. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us by clicking the button below!

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